About Me


If you’ve stumbled across this blog and don’t already know me, my name is Lauren, I’m 23 years old and I’m currently living in Wales.

I started this page to develop my writing skills and style, with an initial aim to post at least once a week and a minimum of one makeup/beauty product review a month but that went completely out of the window! Timekeeping and consistency is something I’m trying hard to work on in regards to writing.

This is not exclusively a beauty blog but it is the only thing that will be consistent, the rest of my posts could be anything from tales of my travels, musings over my latest exensistial crisis or daily ponderings, basically anything that inspires me enough to discuss it.

I hope you enjoy my posts, if you do please follow me to ensure that you receive an email every time I publish something new!

Thanks for looking,


Lauren x


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